Visiting Address: Nils Grabbegatan 5, 10300 Karis.

Postal Address: PB 58, 10611 Raseborgs stad

General information about applications and deadlines

A notice of day care and preschool places for the upcoming period of operation will be given each year in the beginning of February.

Period of operation begins 1 August for children needing full-day care. Preschool education and half-day day care units comply with the schools' year of activity and start in the middle of August.

Day care services can be applied for throughout the year. Most of the places are, however, filled already in the spring before the start of the period of operation. If parents apply for childcare in the middle of a period of operation, the services should be applied for no later than four months before the need for day care will begin.

If the need for childcare arises unexpectedly due to employment, education, or training, should day care services be applied for as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks before the services are needed.

Applications for day care can also be submitted electronically, see "Ansökan om dagvård" (Swedish) or "Päivähoitoon hakeminen" (Finnish), or traditionally by filing a paper form.

Application forms are available at the Ekenäs Office of Education, Ystadsgatan 3 (Town Hall, 3rd floor), the day care service point in Karis (Elin Kurcksgatan 11 A), as well as in all the town's day care centres.

Application forms can also be printed from the town's web page under "Ansökan om dagvård" (Swedish) or "Päivähoitoon hakeminen" (Finnish). Applications may be submitted to all the above-mentioned units.

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