Raseborg has 20 schools for basic education and three upper secondary schools. Of the 20 schools for basic education, 12 teach in Swedish and 7 in Finnish. In addition to these, Mikaelskolan, which is a 9-year private Waldorf school, Utbildning Axxell (vocational training), and Novia University of Applied Sciences also operate in Raseborg.

Raseborg Education Secretariat

Sandåsgatan 3 A, 10300 Karjaa. Postal address: PO Box 58, 10611 Raseborg

Basic education

Basic education in Raseborg is a bilingual organization that promotes lifelong learning in its activities.

The aim is to emphasize skills and abilities to cope with everyday situations, working life and postgraduate studies, as well as to manage in the world that is constantly and rapidly changing.

Emphasis is placed on collaboration, bilingualism, cooperation and tolerance. Even though the activities are divided into two sections, the goal is to provide education equally for both language groups and in different parts of the town.



The town of Raseborg provides municipal day care in day care centres, group day care centres and family day care (in care providers' own homes), as well as supervised playground activities.

The town has 19 day care centres, as well as three Swedish-language and one Finnish-language group family day care centres. Language immersion activities are offered in Ekenäs, Karis, and Pojo.

The town has about 40 family day care providers. Preschool education is provided in each day care centre (if enough pupils have enrolled).


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