The region and the town of Raseborg

The town of Raseborg is situated in the south of Finland. Hanko and Ingå are the nearest neighbouring municipalities along the coast. The town of Raseborg was formed in 2009 by uniting the towns of Ekenäs and Karis, and Pojo commune. As a result of the unification, the town of Raseborg has three town centres. The main service point is situated in Ekenäs.

The distance to Helsinki in the east is about 80 km, and to Turku in the west about 100 km.
The name Raseborg can be derived from the medieval castle Raseborg. The castle ruins can still be visited today. The castle is first mentioned in a letter dated 1378.

Raseborg in numbers

Population: about 28 400

Main languages spoken: Swedish 64.9 %, Finnish 30.7 %, other 4.4 %

Surface area: 2 178 km2 of which water 1 035 km2, the town extends to a width of more than 100 km from one border to another

Islets: about 1 300

Summer houses: about 6 400


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