Are you interested in building your own house in Raseborg? Or maybe you would like to rent a berth for your boat? In those cases we ask you to turn to the Technical Centre.

The phone number to the town's operator is +358 (0)19 289 2000.

Send your e-mail as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Swedish Internet address is, in Finnish you'll find answers to questions on the following topics

  • land use planning
  • building supervision
  • map services
  • site and ground rent matters
  • streets
  • parks
  • marinas
  • environmental protection
  • environmental health
  • veterinary services

The Technical Centre is at your service

Raseborg is a geographically large municipality. Thus the Technical Centre serves you at a number of offices. It is important that you find the right place to run errands and that you will get the service that you need, e.g. so that you know where to apply for planning permission, who to turn to when you need an environmental permit, where to rent a berth, etc.

Technical Administration and the Civil Engineering Department serve their customers in the Lönnberg property, the so called "suitcase factory", at Elin Kurcksgatan 11 A in Karis. The units for urban planning, building supervision and measurement are also found in the same address. This is where you can hand in documents to be processed by the Civil Engineering Board as well as let the officials make decisions on different issues. Matters such as berths, Ekenäs market, parks, invoicing, different permissions e.g. for organizing events, the use of certain areas, streets, temporary traffic arrangements, excavation permits for street areas, landowner permits for various purposes, etc., are also taken care of here.

In the Land Use Planning Unit you can familiarize yourself with current and finished town plans, partial master plans, shore master plans, etc., as well as discuss different issues regarding the town plan.

The Building Supervision Department provides information about building and exceptional planning permissions. Building permits, planning permissions for minor construction, applications for the demolition of a building, applications for exceptional planning permissions, and applications for construction development assessments, etc., are considered here.

Turn to the Measurement Unit in matters concerning sites, that is, house sites, business sites, the parcelling out of land, address issues, map extracts, interpretation of maps, site marking, ground rent issues, etc. The Measurement Unit also conveys basic maps by the National Land Survey of Finland in different scales on paper or as digital documents. Updated information about real property, such as title registration certificates, extracts from property register, and abstracts of title are available at the Measurement Unit.

Environmental Health Services for the municipalities of Raseborg, Hangö and Ingå are provided by Sydspetsens Miljöhälsa. For further information, go to the home page of Sydspetsens Miljöhälsa. Environmental Protection and Health is located in Raseborgsvägen 9. Here you can run errands that are part of the tasks belonging to the municipal environmental protection authorities. For further information, go to the home page of Environmental Bureau and Environmental Health Services.

Environmental Protection is also located in Elin Kurcksgatan 11 A. Here you can run errands that are part of the tasks belonging to the municipal environmental protection authorities. For further information, go to the home page of Environmental Bureau.



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