Work, live and build in a pleasant bilingual environment with good road and rail communications and commuting possibilities halfway between Helsinki and Turku.

The town of Raseborg has approximately 28 000 inhabitants, of which 65 % are Swedish speaking and 31% are Finnish speaking. The beautiful archipelago, Svartå Manor, and the old ironworks villages of Billnäs and Fiskars are all distinctive features of the town. This is a place where it is safe to live.

Raseborg provides housing options for everyone's needs, whether you wish to live in a detached house or to rent an apartment. All options provide comfortable housing close to nature. Even though the town is approximately 1 100 km2 in land area, housing is within close proximity to all the necessary and desirable aspects of the town.

How to get about in the town?

Please visit the tourism website of Raseborg for more information about public transport.

Here you can also find more information about public transport and tickets in Swedish and Finnish.

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