The main points in the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients (No. 785/1992) are:

  • The patient’s consent is required for treatment.
  • Treatment must be performed in mutual understanding with the patient.
  • The patient has right to information about his or her state of health and treatments.
  • The guardian or other legal representative of a minor has no right to forbid any care that may be required to avert a threat to the patient's life or health.
  • A patient has to be given necessary treatment immediately if required
  • The patient shall be informed of the date of access to care or treatment.
  • The patient has the right to check the data concerning himself/herself in the patient documents.
  • The opinion of a minor patient on a treatment measure has to be assessed if it is possible with regard to his/her age or level of development.
  • A patient who is not satisfied with the healthcare or medical care and the related treatment received by him/her has the right to submit an objection on the matter to the
director responsible for healthcare in the healthcare unit in question.

Healthcare units must appoint a patient ombudsman who advises and informs patients about patient rights and compensations for damage, and assists in cases when the patient wishes to submit an objection.

Patient ombudsman in Raseborg

Birgitta Gran, tel.  +358 (0)19 289 2022

Postal address: PB 75, 10611 Raseborg

Visiting address in Ekenäs: Gustav Wasas Gata 10, I floor (appointments only)

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