Raseborg offers cultural experiences for all ages, all year round. The town's Cultural Office will help you to choose from the varying activities and events.

The Cultural Office has two exhibition rooms where artists and associations can exhibit their works: Galleri Fokus in Karis (Centralgatan 180) and Galleri Perspektivet in Ekenäs (Raseborgsvägen 8A).

Each year, the Cultural Office participates in arranging the Ekenäs Summer Concerts, a recurring high-class festival featuring the Finnish Chamber Orchestra and the conductor Jukka-Pekka Saraste. The Cultural Office also participates in arranging the literature events Bokkalaset and Kirjakekkerit.

Also the established summer theatres Raseborg's open-air theatre and Svartå Manor's summer theatre offer top-notch entertainment every summer. In the wintertime you will find a lot of cultural events at Tryckeriteatern in Karis and Kulturhuset Karelia in Ekenäs.

For more information about the cultural events and activities, visit the pages of the Cultural Office (in Swedish and Finnish). You will also find information by visiting the event calendar at www.visitraseborg.com or the Event Calendar at www.evenemax.fi.

The Cultural Office serves you in Ekenäs Library, address: Raseborgsvägen 8A, 10600 Ekenäs. The Cultural Secretary, tel. +358 (0)19 289 2781, and other co-workers are at your service.

For children

Raseborg offers basic education in music, fine arts and dance through the Music Institute of Raseborg, the  Raseborg Adult Education Centre and the Hurja Piruetti Western-Uusimaa Dance Institute. Raseborg Adult Education Centre offers a wide variety of courses for both children and adults.


The library network in Raseborg is extensive. The town has three libraries, three branch libraries and a mobile library. Programme and events, e.g. various exhibitions, are organized in the libraries for both children and adults. Please call the town's operator, tel. +358 (0)19 289 2000, for more information as well as for contact information and opening hours, or go to the library's home page.


Ekenäs museum center EKTA is the regional museum of Western Uusimaa. The museum is located at Gustav Wasas gata 11, Ekenäs, tel. +358 (0)19 289 2500. Besides EKTA, there are several other museums in the town and many more in the region. Please visit the Museum Portal of Western Uusimaa for more information.

Exercise, Sports, Leisure Time

The town offers a number of options when it comes to exercise and sports. Ekenäs indoor swimming pool is probably the most frequently visited facility, tel. +358 (0)19 289 2190. Västerby outdoor recreation centre includes areas for orienteers, skiers and other fitness enthusiasts. Ramsholmen and Hagen nature parks are also here, as well as nine other outdoor recreation areas. The town has a total of over 60 sports clubs, with everything from aikido to rowing.

Raseborg has 11 indoor sports grounds and 15 outdoor sports grounds. Indoors, you can go bowling, riding, shooting, or try curling. The town has 20 fitness tracks, of which 16 are lighted. You'll also find three full-length golf courses and three riding stables. Sisu Arena in Karis is the sanctuary of handball. There is also an indoor skating rink in Karis.

More information about the different exercise possibilities can be found on the town's home page, under Idrott och motion (Swedish) and Liikunta (Finnish). 

The Leisure Time Manager, tel. +358 (0)19 289 2145, and other co-workers will answer your questions and help you find your form of exercise.

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