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STOP! Meet your history

In honour of Finland’s 100th Anniversary, six museums in Western Uusimaa have set up a joint documentation and exhibition project.
Each of them has chosen an important local memory site, one associated with private and collective memories. People from all over the country have experienced here the momentous changes and events that have taken place during the years of Finland’s independence.


Meet your history and make a culture trip through the Western Uusimaa
Check out the destinations by logging in to the mobile app "Seinätönmuseo"
and download the playlist "Matkalla menneisyyteen" on Spotify for the road.

In the book Meet your history you can read more about the
historical destinations and about the museums #finland100 project.
The book is for sale (10€) at the museum and at the 
Raseborg Tourist Office.

Take your own place in the chain of history and become acquainted
with the Western Uusimaa memory sites and their stories.

#meetyourhistory on instagram & facebook.


The permanent exhibition Raseborg through the ages gives a comprehensive view of the history of the city and the local area from ancient times to the present day. 



Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946) is one of Finland’s best-known and most appreciated artists.

As Schjerfbeck spent a significant time of her life in Ekenäs, the Provincial Museum of Western Uusimaa has planned a permanent exhibition at the EKTA museum centre, celebrating her life and work. 

The exhibition Helene Schjerfbeck’s life and art shows a selection of her works of art. The selection of art vary and the exhibition never stays the same.


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